Apr 24, 2014

Stars and Ginghams

Do you know Stylenanda? I'm sure some of you already knew this eye catchy Korean brand. First time I saw their look book pictures was from Pinterest. I googled the image and found out that it is owned by this brand. I love the pictures! The outfit, the background, the model's expression, everything. Here I pick some of my favorite outfit and pictures, then made it into some layouts. This is one of the reason why I love blogging, I can make my own visuals just like having my own magazine hahaha.

Original pictures are from stylenanda

Apr 23, 2014

Green Smoothies

For the last 3 weeks I've been drinking green smoothies (almost) everyday. This is also my effort in having healthier lifestyle besides cooking my own meal. Its so hard to be consistent in having this smoothies for 30 days in a row, but I always try to have it every morning. I knew this 30 days green smoothies challenge from Instagram. I think it is fun and challenging (yes totally challenging my self to be discipline). You can check the Simple Green Smoothies instagram or website. If you'd like to join the challenge, you can easily sign up to their newsletter. They hold monthly challenge and will email you the recipes and shopping list a week before the challenge starts.

You might have that strange grin on your face by seeing this green smoothies. But I'm telling you that this smoothies taste so goooood, I swear! The picture below is a spinach + pineapple + orange + banana smoothies. You won't taste the spinach at all, because the tropical taste of the spinach and milky flavor from the banana rule this smoothies. You gotta try it, at least one glass tomorrow. If this drink doesn't taste great, I wouldn't write this blog post :D

Apr 22, 2014

From Sk8er Boi to Kawaii

Have you seen Avril Lavigne's new video? I saw it just now, she sings a song called Hello Kitty. Wellll.... Its all kawaii and stuff but frankly I don't like the song. Its somewhat a dubstep music which I don't enjoy hehe. The music video is cute though, lots of sweets, pink, cupcakes and JAPAN! I like the video but I like the old Avril kind of style and music better. The Japanese girls in the video somehow reminds me of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls back in 2004. Anyway, do you realize that Avril doesn't look like she aged even a little? Gosh! I love her music since sk8er boi. Her first album was released in 2002, which is 12 years ago..... Damn that makes me feel old.

Marshmallow Red

A few weeks ago I found this babe at Kemang Village, I was sooooo happy! It was the only size they had, so I guess I was lucky. I've been wanting for a pair of sneaker wedges, but I haven't find any good pair. Because most of the sneaker wedges in stores are looking 'heavy and fat'. My legs are not that slim so I have to do some trick to pull this shoes off. Then I met this gorgeous babe at Vans store, it was just perfect. It has that slim shape and it is Vans! I love Vans, its one of my fave sneakers. So happpyyy!

Vans Sk8-hi wedge - Leopard red/marshmallow

Denim jacket - Curious / Graphic tshirt - Bloop / Flare skirt - Topshop
Bag - H&M / Sneakers - Vans

Apr 21, 2014

My Favorite Red Lipstick

Speaking about beauty, do you like red lipstick? I used to refuse using red lipstick because I don't have the confidence. Red lipstick makes me feels like the world is seeing me only at one point, my lips. Even though I felt so, I was always looking for the perfect red shades. I don't like bright red, I prefer dark red. I found this perfect dark red, Rouge Artist Intense 46 at Make Up For Ever around a year ago. I'm so happy to have this lipstick, it is my first red lipstick. It was pretty pricey for me, but I never find any red lipstick like this one from Make Up For Ever, so I have no regret. I don't use this lipstick everyday, only on weekends or parties. For daily use, I have my nude lipstick from Revlon, I'll make a post about it later. Anyway, do you have any favorite lipstick color? 

Apr 20, 2014

Aye Aye Captain!

Last weekend I went to Gandaria City with R, we watched Captain America. The movie was good, but I still like Iron Man much more. Iron Man is my favorite super hero movie. Robert Downey Jr. plays the role perfectly that he stole my heart. He's in the character, the character lives in him. I love love love both Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. What's your favorite super hero movie?

Unbranded monochrome sweater I bought in Bugis / Vintage denim shorts
H&M bag and tights / Black Juju Babe jellies


Apr 19, 2014

Saphan Hin Park

Some pictures left from Saphan Hin park. 
A nice place for afternoon run, playing around the beach or just waiting for sunset.

The 5.30 pm kind of sun flare is just amazing