Feb 8, 2017

My Journey of Getting Better Skin at Surface Skin Habit

It started when me and Diana were in an activity with Cosmogirl! magazine with one of our #88LOVELIFE readers. We went to Surface Skin Habit for a facial treatment, call it a pampering day. I never had facial treatments before because I was simply scared and worried. My friends, who have more experiences in facial, always describe facial in clinics are painful. I thought there were no reason for me to try facial treatments, my home remedies were enough. My only facial problem was my acne prone skin. I didn’t know whether my skin is super sensitive or I had the wrong facial mask, but I used to have new acne every morning. It’s like I grew acne as I sleep. Terrible. 

Back to the pampering day with Diana and our reader, each of us had one treatment at Surface Skin Habit. I met the doctor and discussed about my skin condition before the treatments started. Honestly speaking, it was the first time I visited skin clinic and consulted with a doctor. I was so surprised that apparently I have a dry and dehydrated skin. It’s so dry and dehydrated that my skin produces more oil that it should, to keep it moist, but the dead skin and dirts block the oil from coming out off my pores and that’s where my acne problems were coming from. I thought I had the oily skin, so I used GlamGlow to suck all the oils and dirt off my face, and that is totally wrong. I should’ve used water based skin care products so it hydrates my skin, not the other way around. The doctor finally suggested me to try Hydradermabrasion with an additional pore extraction.

Long story short, I really like my first facial experience. So I instantly booked my 2nd appointment and met Inda, the girl from Surface Skin Habit. It was a few weeks after my engagement and she offered me to try their Glowing Bride package, because she knew that I had a wedding coming up. Basically this pre-wedding treatment package created to pamper the bride-to-be before the big day. The package includes the full face and body treatments that suits every brides' needs to get on their special day. As I really like the whole skin treatment series, I decided to get their Face package.

What is Hydradermabrasion? How does it feels?
Basically it’s a treatment targeting on various skin problems like hyperpigmentation, acne, and dehydrated skin. It combines diamond microdermabrasion with a serum that you can choose based on your skin condition. I think I have tried most of them, as a skin journey. Clarity for acne prone skin, hydrating, and brightening. 

The treatment starts with facial cleansing (that feels really good), followed by exfoliating the dead cells with a machine called EnDouceur. The exfoliation feels like a mini vacuum cleaner roaming around your face. One time my skin was irritated that it becomes very stiff and this process took off all the dead skin that caused the stiffness. Seeing the dead skin on the machine output is kind of satisfying. After the exfoliation, the serum comes on with a ‘roll on’ machine. Finished by applying sunscreen, my skin never felt smoother before. It’s so smooth and my face looks instantly brighter after one treatment. Not to forget that they infuse a short series of face, shoulder, and back massage throughout the entire treatment, they are partnering with Meiso, so the massage feels sooooo good. 

I’ve been recommending Surface Skin Habit to my friends and families, since the first day I visited their clinic because I’m so hooked to them. The clinic looks very chic, the tiles are lovely. Dominated by monochrome colors and a few touch of greens. My skin definitely has gotten better day by day. I no longer have that ridiculous acne problem, only one or two hormonal acnes which is normal. My dark acne scars are gone. Even though it’s not that smooth-perfect-porcelain skin, but I never love my skin as much as I do now. 

I totally recommend you to try facial treatments at Surface Skin Habit. They are located in Setiabudi One, across to St. Ali. A reservation is suggested before you come to their clinic.

Feb 7, 2017

Story Of January

My wedding was completely a massive DIY project. Me and Rudi did all the planning and we asked our friends to help us along the way. We are so lucky that we have tons of talented and helpful friends who helped us for the big day. I’m thinking about sharing my wedding planning and preparation process in this blog, because seems like there are a lot of brides who have the same excitements of doing things by themselves, just like I do. My family and my closest friends were a bit worried of me because I wanted to do things by myself. No, I wasn’t a bridezilla, I just wanted to do everything by myself because it is my big day, it is my special day, I wanted to enjoy the process as it brings me joy. Preparing things for my wedding made me realise that I love process, I enjoy the process of reaching something. It feels very therapeutic. 

I will divide my wedding prep series from the pre-wedding (beauty prep, DIY pre-wedding photo shoot, concept planning, and event planning), invitation designing, choosing the Kebaya and white dress, decoration to the big day (I had the most amazing friends and nicest vendors who helped me on my big day, I want to write a nice thank you note in this blog because they are highly recommended). I also want to write about the drama I had in between. I want to memorise everything in this blog, because I simply love to click back a few years and read it all over again, it brings so much joy to me.

So, this post will be a hub from all my wedding series. I will update the links in this post gradually.


Dinda & Rudi

Feb 6, 2017


*typing religiously*

Where should I start? It’s been too long since I wrote the last personal post in this blog. 
I don’t even know where to start. 

First, I got married two weeks ago. I know.

Second, it’s February 2017 already. Where did even my January go?

Third, I’ll try to wrap a nice and decent post for you as an opening of my 2017 chapter. 

Life has been great. A sweet mixture between sweet, sour, and bitterness. Everything feels like completing each other, so it feels fine. My wedding was very sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. Sweet as in the perfect amount of sweetness. Finally we tight the knot after dating for 7 years (we broke up two times along the journey, by the way). I find it funny that I didn’t even feel nervous when I was about to get married. I felt so light and happy. I remember that my makeup artist came 90 minutes late on my big day and I just laugh. Like I had no burden in me. I think other brides would go mad hehe or maybe I should’ve been mad? I chose not to. She did an excellent job anyway. 

Before my wedding day, everything was crazy. I couldn’t even remember how many times did I told myself to give up. I had too much in my mind. Too many things to handle. I realised that I was too mean to myself. I should’ve given myself a proper space to breathe. I’m glad that I have passed it all. I’m glad and yet feeling so bad about myself. I shouldn’t pushed myself too hard like that. I am my own asset, I have nothing to replace myself if I get sick. I should’ve taken care of myself better.

This is the reason why I choose to be more relaxed in 2017 and focus on the things that matter. I want to focus in building myself, I want to improve my knowledge and my skills. I want to roll in more educational program, both of the formal or informal ones like workshops. I want to fix what should’ve been fixed last year. I want start new projects that has been in my mind for the past two years. I want to excite myself to new opportunities, not just chasing deadlines days after days. For now, I think this plan suits my new life as a wife. This year will involve a lot of adjustments and adaptations, that’s why I shouldn’t put too much pressure and weight from my illustrating career. I want everything to be in the right amount, to have the right balance between my life and my job. 

So, how are you? Do you have plans this year? Are you planning to chase your dreams aggressively or passively this year? Please let me know, I love to read other people’s thoughts. Because it simply inspires me to see things from other people's sight.

Dec 26, 2016

Ride A Bike in Style

Last Thursday I was asked by Detik.com to be one of the speakers at their year end event, Blogger Bicara, which was partnering with the New Honda Beat Pop. They want me to share my tips about style for bike riders. I couldn't drive a motorcycle, but I used to ride it as a passenger back when I was still working in advertising agency. Even until now, I still take motorcycle when I need to rush for meetings or events. It was pretty fun to share my tips on how to stay stylish when riding a motorcycle, specifically on New Honda Beat Pop series, Comic Hits and Cool Pixel. Questions were roaming around what kind of clothing should one wear, any specific tips or colors, trend forecasting for next year, etc. I did a short presentation on how to mix and match your style with the New Honda Beat Pop motorcycles, which you can see at the bottom of this post. I was with Veren Lee at the talkshow, she's such a sweetheart! Thank you Detik.com and Honda for having me at Blogger Bicara event.

Dec 2, 2016

Kindness and Friendship

There is always something to be grateful about every day. It's not always about the earnings in your bank account, but more to the values of life. I feel like I'm actually an old soul trapped in twenty something body. 

Those thoughts are usually crossing my mind whenever I'm driving home by myself. Every day I keep on thinking how grateful I am to have everything I have right now. I constantly look back to the older days and keep on saying Alhamdulillah. Sometimes my melancholy side of me is taking over and I cry when I'm driving at night, because I feel that God is being really generous to me. Last night I was thinking about my life and the family and friends, that circle around me. I feel so thankful that I went to a good jr. high school which then lead me to one of the best high schools in Jakarta. Because without those two foundations, I wouldn't be able to be entering Universitas Indonesia. I used to be very proud with the label of 'best high schools' or 'best university in Indonesia', but now I started to think beyond that. It's not about the labels, it's about the elements in school and university that I treasure the most. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by friends who are very positive minded and smart. Without them I might have stepped to other directions. My high school was full of challenges, I remembered I cried a lot fearing to fail in exams. High school was the worst part of my education, everyone was so smart and I felt so behind. I failed in most of Math exams. I hated it, Math hated me too, I think. Every day was a struggle. But no matter how often I cried, I never wanted to miss one day at school, because I would've missed the subjects. It was clearly the hardest days, but now I'm happy that I have been in those hard times. Those challenges were keeping me busy to catch grades. I never had other thoughts than studying and making efforts to reach higher scores, which is a good thing. I never had my times wasted in high school. Every day is full of pressure to study and be better, but as people say, diamonds are made under pressure. And in this case, my friends are those diamonds. They transformed into smart personalities and sparkle beautifully until today. Each has their own charm.

I also feel very very very grateful for the amazing opportunities in front of me. One lead to another. This is one of the most powerful keys that I hold onto in my illustrating career. This job is kind of tough because I can only depend on myself. No more stable income. I have to think far before I make a decision, but I must take the decision fast enough so I wouldn't miss the opportunities. I'm a newbie in this whole freelance career, but one thing for sure is that money isn't everything. Don't chase for money because the faster you run, the more opportunities you'll miss behind. There are much more things to value, like networking, friends, and doing good deeds to help others. I believe that kindness will take you extra miles. You will harvest what you're planting today, and in my case, the seeds are called kindness.