Jul 22, 2016

Dreamy Hats

I really adore the beauty of this headpieces brand from London, Sophie Beale
The color tone, the expressions, the headpieces are all blending beautifully into a very dreamy series of photograph.

Jul 21, 2016

Walk The Talk

July has been a slow, calm, with a tad of anxiety for me. It started with the holy month of Ramadhan, Eid came after, with a long pause in the middle, the national holiday. I'm getting engaged later on this week and next week I'll be flying to Tokyo. I'm juggling between a lot of things right now. It stresses me out quite a lot because I struggle a lot to bring my productive working mood back. You know, after that long Eid holiday, I have this upcoming Tokyo trip in mind. So it's really easy for me to slow down, which I think I shouldn't do - but I did. I'm really excited with the things and events in front of me. Bismillah. 

Jul 19, 2016

In Her Shoes

My recent illustrations for Dior. I did more effort than usual to create the realistic details. The initial idea was to make a series of Dior shoes, but ended up only the red one went to the final approval. I had lots of fun when I illustrated these shoes! 

Jun 29, 2016

Many Moons Ago (Collaboration With Stupkid)

Finally my collaboration with Stupkid is heeeerrreeeee! I've been working with Stupkid for the collaboration since the end of last year. We discussed on how we want the collection to be like. After a few brain storming session through chat app, we came up with this idea of covering a cycle of social trend or life phases. Started from the dinosaur era, hippie, pin-up ladies, 90's kid, retro, current trend represented by the pizzas and wifi, and the last is futuristic. It's a fun collaboration because everything turned out to be so playful and bold. The collection is available at Stupkid's website, People's Project (Kuningan City, Jakarta), Superspace (Singapore), and Megafash (Singapore). Scroll down to see the illustrations I created for this Many Moons Ago collection and the lookbook pictures!

Jun 27, 2016

Watercolor Workshop At Hype (Photo Diary)

A few pictures from my watercolor workshop at Hype Festival a couple of months ago. I shared the basic of watercolor painting and mostly encouraging the participants to start painting without drawing the outlines first. So happy with the results that the participants created in the workshop, pretty floral wreaths!