Aug 23, 2014

Next Summer I'll Be There

*finger crossing*

*saving money*


I hope to see you in the next summer, dear lavender field.

Provence, France.

Aug 22, 2014

Casual Mood

What I wore today..

Stradivarius stripes tshirt / Unbranded jogger pants bought in ITC Kuningan / Payless strap heels 
Unbranded feather necklace / Daniel Wellington watch 

Makeup of the day.. Mixing my fave lipsticks into one cool shade - Dark wine! I'm using Make Up For Ever (rouge artist intense #46) and NYX (soft matte lip cream #21 - Transylvania). Red lipstick for weekdays is such a good mood creator. A month ago I dyed my hair into dark brown because my red violet turned into red - light brown (and I'm not ok with it). Now the dark brown faded and the reds are appearing again, in such a good manner. I love my current hair color.

Anyway, both of the pictures above are taken with my Lenovo S850. Having this stylish phone on hand every day is so advantageous for me. The pictures taken are so clear (my selfie shown above isn't edited at all). The wide screen is perfect for outfit full body shot. I'm digging this phone a lot! :)

Lately I'm so inspired by everything that looks clean, crisp and sleek. Natural lights, white and grey hues, matte texture, translucent, easy Sunday.. Here's a mood board of my current mood.

Aug 20, 2014

My Shoes Addiction

One of my friends asked me which fashion item do I like to collect. My answer is definitely SHOES. 
I love shoes. I love collecting shoes, I can never have enough of shoes!

I’m a shoe collector, my favorites are flats and wedges. I collect sneakers too, but not as much as flats and wedges. Do you know why I love flats and wedges? Because they are so comfortable. I’m a kind of girl who walks a lot, so I need shoes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. When I shop for shoes, the first thing I check is the material. I need to make sure that the material feels soft on my feet. 

Curious top / Zara black skinny jeans / The Blow Shoes flats / H&M hat / Kate Spade bag

Earlier this month, I was introduced to The Blow Shoes. As the title says, they blow my flat shoes appetite. I found a bunch of cute flats on the website. On a glimpse, I saw in the pictures that the materials they're using are soft. Apparently they are! I picked one mustard yellow flats, which looks simple and sweet. The synthetic leather feels so soft on my feet and the sole is very comfortable. Even my Mom loves it. The flats definitely meet my requirements. I paired it with my all black outfit and my favorite polka dot purse. The shoes look perfectly pop, silently, just how I love it. 

I have a very good news for you! The Blow Shoes is being so kind to give 20% discount for all purchases on their website if you're using my code: BLOWSHOESXDINDA. Have a look of their collection on their website and get your favorite pair! My favorites are Anne Flats (yellow and off white), Pretty Flats (black), and Fanny Flats (creme and black). Which one is your favorite? Pick your choice and don't forget to use my code! :)

Aug 17, 2014

Humans of New York

For me, every day, before I go to sleep, reading Humans of New York (HONY) is a must. I've been reading this page for the last one year, I went crying and smiling and definitely restore my humanity every time I finished reading their new posts. They actually run a website, but I prefer to see the posts on their facebook page because I love to read the comments. HONY is now currently having a project with United Nations, the writer is in Jordan for a time. This post got me cried so hard right now. 

"One day I drove into the city to buy goods for my shop. I repaired antennas and satellite dishes, so I needed some replacement parts. But on the road there was a checkpoint for the Syrian government, and two soldiers came up to my car. They began to argue with each other. 'Let's take him,' said one of them. 

'Let him go,' said the other. And they went back and forth, and back and forth. But finally the first man won the argument, and they took me out of my car, put a blindfold on me, and took me to jail. When I got to the jail, they began beating me with a cord. They asked me if I supported the rebels. I kept saying 'No,' but they kept beating me. They took off all my clothes. They said: 'We are going to whip you 35 times, and if you say 'ouch,' we will start from the beginning. They whipped me and kicked me and broke 3 of my ribs. They said: 'Tell us how many soldiers you've killed.' 

I said: 'None.'They said: 'Tell us how many soldiers!"I said: 'None. I haven't killed anyone.'But they kept beating me and they ripped off my toenails and I screamed: 'Eleven! Eleven! I killed eleven soldiers!' So they put me into prison. But I never killed any soldiers. I never fought anyone. I'm a good person. I have a very sweet heart. You believe me when I tell you this, don't you?"

(Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan)