Jun 20, 2015

My Time Machine iPod

For me, an iPod is more than just an iPod. I bought this iPod with my first salary as a store supervisor 5 years ago. I will never give this iPod to anyone, nor sell it to someone. It's only 8GB big, but those 8GB means everything to me. I don't always sync this iPod with my new songs library, I like to keep this iPod as a memory box to me. I put it in shuffle whenever I'm driving. Often it makes my heart skips a little when hearing an old song that brings out all the memories which I forgot I still have in my brain. It brings me good and bad memories. It's like a time machine. Also, I think my iPod has a magic in it. The shuffle mode can read my mood correctly, for multiple times. How do you love your iPod? Does it read your mood like mine?

Jun 19, 2015

My Dream Board and My Graphic Design Class at Cerita Kita


*judging time*

*with Media Friesna*

*with Agnes*

Two weeks ago I taught a graphic design class at Cerita Kita Casting Call event. Cerita Kita is a new website by Clean & Clear and Gogirl! Magazine. There were 50 finalists who are chosen to be Cerita Kita’s contributors. During the event, there were 5 classes at one time. My graphic design class, styling class with Media Friesna, beauty class with Agnes Oryza, writing class with Anita Moran and photography class with Heret. I had 7 girls in my class, less than how I usually have in my past workshops, but it gave me the opportunity to share more tips, stories, and talk with the girls. Most of the girls are still high school and early college, I’m surprised by how skilful they are already. The challenge was to create a digital dream board. At the end of the event, 2 girls were chosen as winners from my class. I personally love this kind of event (and wish I had similar events when I was in high school), because the girls can grow their talents and have this experience as their first professional project - which will be fruitful when they are entering the real work life. Good luck girls, you deserved it!

Jun 17, 2015

Two Days at Lokal Hotel Jogjakarta

During short visit to Jogja two weeks ago, I stayed at Lokal hotel (Jalan Jembatan Merah). I've seen pictures of Lokal for a few times on my Instagram feed. It looks cozy and well designed, so I asked my publisher team if we can stay there and they said yes. Yay! So Lokal is a small hotel, occupied for 12 rooms only. The rates are relatively affordable, the best rooms are those located right in front of the pool. Everything is visually appealing. Again, I'm so driven by visuals, so my heart jumps a little when I saw the mugs are custom made by Kandura ceramics for Lokal. From the interior to the packaging of the toiletries are pleasing the eyes. I read some articles writing about this beautiful hotel and it said that everything in the hotel are local made. That makes me love this hotel even more. The staff are very kind, the food are so delicious (and very cheap omg this made me scream for a few times). I would love to stay at Lokal on my next visit to Jogja.

Jun 4, 2015

#88LOVELIFE in Jogja Was A Blast!

The #88lovelife book signing in Yogyakarta was unexpectedly so crowded! Diana and I had an amazing time meeting our readers in Jogja, at Gramedia Sudirman. It was our second time visiting cities in Indonesia with our #88lovelife. The guests were as enthusiast as us, the questions were unexpected, I was beyond happy to share stories behind the illustrations in the book. Unfortunately we have no proper documentation of the event, so here are what we have. Thank you Jogja! :)
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Pictures by Diana and moi

Jun 3, 2015

Through The Wire

Almost forgot that I'm a fan of Kanye West's music. I used to listen to his songs everyday back in college. New phase of life came in after college, then I forgot his music and all I recall whenever I hear his name is 'Kim Kardashian'. Lol. No, noooo, no, Kanye is much more than that. He is one of the best hip hop artists of all time. Now here I am, listening to his old songs, reminiscing the good old days.