Jun 11, 2019


This blog is no longer updated. 
But I'll keep the domain because this blog holds so much memories to me. 
I have a new blog and more active on my Instagram and Youtube.

Also click here to see my portfolio.


Jul 18, 2017

Workshop: Fashion Illustrating (July 29th!)

My upcoming fashion illustration workshop, on July 29th 2017. This time I'm partnering again with Edwin's Gallery to hold the workshop, as a part of Kemang Creative Fair. 
This class starts from the very beginning, so don't worry if you're a beginner.
  • You will be provided the complete set of watercolor paper, brush, paint, and a template book.
  • We will start with the basic figure drawing and create the dress silhouette. 
  • I will do a demo of how I do my illustration. Feel free to record the process as you need for practicing.

Jul 7, 2017

Spidey Night

I woke up feeling terribly sick this morning but I had a deadline to submit by noon. So I forced myself to work and submitted the design. I was planning to go work out before catching the movie with hubby but I just had no energy left to do anything but snuggled up in bed the whole evening. I couldn't sleep any second so I just covered myself with the blanket and tried to get some peace. As I felt better after a few hours, I then left home a little bit too late (thank God I arrived in Pacific Place just in time) to watch Spider-Man Homecoming. I didn't see the trailer so I watched with no expectation. I really like the movie, in fact the movie left a few butterflies in my stomach thanks to my fictional love, Tony Stark. The movie itself is an 8.5, but with Tony Stark in it, it reached 9.5 to me heheh.

Also.. I've been trying to catch up with the couture week happening in Paris right now and posted a few of my favorites on Instagram.

A post shared by Dinda Puspitasari (@dindaps) on

A post shared by Dinda Puspitasari (@dindaps) on

Jul 3, 2017

Coffee and The Takeouts

If you guys are familiar with my Instagram Story, you must be aware that I really love TUKU coffee. It's their simple iced coffee called Es Kopi Susu Tetangga that keeps me coming back. Very affordable and comes in a very pleasant taste, I like mine to have less ice, so the coffee is stronger. Here's one post from my Instagram if you're not familiar with this iced coffee that I'm talking about. 

I used to buy this coffee almost every day, because they're so addicting. I kind of stop visiting their joints because now I stay and work from home much more that I used to (I tend to keep everything over email for effectiveness reason), so I had them delivered over GoFood. But as they are getting even more popular, ordering this iced coffee from GoFood is a paaaaiiiinnnn. It took one hour for the Gojek driver to get the coffee and a good 30 minutes (at least) to deliver two glasses of Tuku to my home address. I feel terrible whenever I had Gojek driver bought them for me. Because the line took forever. So it's either I drive to Cipete area or Pasar Santa, or careless enough to ask Gojek driver buy the coffee for me. It's sooooo good that I gotta buy at least 2 or 3 glasses of Tuku each time I ordered them. Until I saw this yesterday......

A post shared by TOKO KOPI TUKU (@tokokopituku) on

My favorite president is having Tuku!! OMGGG how can things be even happier?? I don't know why but I feel soooo happy seeing this and reading the news all over the national media. Maybe it's because I really love their coffee, that's why I'm soooooo happy that Tuku's hard work is being paid off really well.

See?? Do you get my point? Work so hard and always do your best, the universe will eventually work for you if you're doing great and aim for the highest. Even a coffee joint in the side street of busy Cipete being visited by the president. This wouldn't happen if Tuku didn't make the best coffee in a small cup on the first place. If the coffee isn't that good, they wouldn't be so viral until the news reached the president's son and have his dad visited the small joint in Cipete.

This is a note for you, Dinda. Always do your best, exceed the expectations, and Allah will help you find the way, InsyaAllah.

Jun 27, 2017


Hello! Do you know anyone who would like to join me as an intern?
My former intern has found her true DNA as a geographer, so I need a replacement!

Job descriptions:
  • 2 working days per week (mostly weekdays, but I will need your help if there’s any workshop during the weekend)
  • Assisting on photoshoots 
  • Photo and video editing 
  • Assisting on content planning 
  • Assisting on contacting vendors or third parties 
  • Packing orders 
  • Basic office administration 
  • Must be able to operate Photoshop and iMovie/FCP
  • Eyes on details
  • Good writing and internet skills
  • Hard worker with can-do attitude
Working location: Jakarta Selatan

If you or you know anyone who’d like to join my team, please send me these to ps.dinda@gmail.com with subject 'INTERN':
  • Your resume 
  • Links to your blog, website, instagram, twitter 
  • Portfolio link or PDF attachment (if any) 
I'll be waiting for your email!