Nov 25, 2014

Nov 20, 2014

Cherry Lips Crystal Sky

I miss my pretty girls illustration a loooooott! I stumbled upon my old files and realized that my illustrations are more 'serious' and sophisticated back then. Well, my illustrations changed, but I love it hehehe. My inspirations affected me a lot. I used to check on fashiongonerogue everyday, but now I check Hello Sandwich's blog more often. I miss drawing eyes and lips and put bright colors on it, while keeping the others simple in black and white. So here's a tribute to the old version of me :p

Featured: Hijabella Magazine

Made a-one-page-appearance in the most stylish hijab magazine, Hijabella.

Ooo yaaaayy thank you! ^^

Nov 16, 2014

#88LoveLife Book Signing

Yesterday we had funnnn at #88LoveLife book signing and meet & greet! Thank you to those who came and bought our book. It feels sooooo amazing to know that #88LoveLife is one of the best sellers at and some Gramedia stores. Even at Gramedia Pondok Indah Mall, where we had the book signing, there was only a few books left. Wow, THANK YOU!!! :)

And this is what I was wearing yesterday, I'm talking about kitties on my shirt and purse!

Pictures by R and Diana's phone

#88LoveLife Cute Wrapping

Look how cute this gift wrap by Kitty Manu, using Gudily's cute goody is.
My #88LoveLife book is wrapped in the cutest wrapping ever!

Thank you Kitty Manu and Gudily for supporting our #88LoveLife
our books are now sent to the special ones in a very cute look.