Oct 5, 2015

On Air with 90.4 Cosmopolitan FM

Invited by Uchiet to be at Cosmopolitan FM Fun Fearless Female talkshow a few weeks ago. It was fun! Mostly talked about illustrating, my inspirations and some other unexpected questions, and happily answered 'to live in Tokyo' to a question about my wildest dream. Here's a short footage by Cosmopolitan FM team.

Thanks Uchiet, thanks Cosmopolitan FM for having me at the talkshow! :)

Oct 4, 2015

The Brunch Club

I always love the idea of brunch. To me, brunch is a way to spend a slow weekend morning, with a long and nice talk with friends, family, or boyfriend.

We went out very early on Saturday morning to check something for R's car insurance. As we finished everything by 10.30 in the morning, so we decided to drive to Senayan and have brunch at Union. Honestly speaking, I've never been to Union before. Even though I used to work in the building next to Plaza Senayan, which is only a walk away from Union, but yesterday was my very first time to sit there. Usually I had their cakes for takeaways (their cakes are one of the best in town) or headed to Monolog or De Luca as my first options. 

I heard their pastas are good, but I had no appetite for big portion of full carb that early. So I ordered their club sandwich instead. I went for their grilled chicken and beef bacon club sandwich, it was divine and came in a huge portion. Layers of lettuce, fresh tomato, sunny side up egg, beef bacon, bread, lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, cheese and finally topped with another layer of bread, are combined together purrrrfectly in every bite. I had difficulties to munch everything in one bite, but I finished everything instantly as I was starving and it was so delish!

Union was quite calm at that time, just perfect to have a nice talk over brunch. I love how the room is very bright with natural light, but not too bright as the sun climbed up by the noon. I should've went there since a few years ago hahahaha.

The Kawaii The Better

As I've mentioned on my previous post about Sony Kawaii Camera, this post will be talking about the results taken with the Kawaii camera. I've also mentioned the wide lens before, but I gotta talk about it again this time. The wide lens really makes my photo taking a lot easier. I'm a fan of taking pictures of my desk or meals from above. With the wide lens, I don't have to stand up and lift my hands up in order to take a perfect top angle picture. It's like when I sit, I only need to lift the camera as high as my forehead, then everything on the table will be nicely captured in the picture. Same thing happens on outfit photo taking. I'm a lover of blank and colourful walls, but sometimes the walls are in a small alley that my smartphone wouldn't been able to capture a full body picture. Again, with the wide lens, that's not a problem. On the first picture below, R took my picture by only standing 2 metres away from me. That's very close, too close for a full body shot. But the camera can do that, perfectly. 

The last thing I'd like to mention is the colour contrast. The colours in the pictures taken by Sony Kawaii Camera are somehow looks more contrast and vivid. Refer to my daisy picture below. Look how the flowers look very contrast to the background, which is not that contrast in real life. It pops up the bright colours. Love it!

For more photo results taken by my Sony Kawaii Camera, please read my Bali holiday day 1, day 2, and my recent workshop posts.

Oct 1, 2015

It's So Kawaii!

I was so happy when I received an email from Sony, asking whether I want to try their new camera, Sony Kawaii Camera. Of course I said yes!

Sony Kawaii Camera (DSC KW-11) is a digital camera, focusing on selfie snaps. It’s very handy, just as big as my smartphone, and very light. This camera goes everywhere with me in my purse since I received them from Sony. No kidding, I’m loving the pictures taken by this small camera.

As I mentioned above, Sony Kawaii Camera is focusing on selfie snaps, that’s why this camera is equipped with 5 different beauty effects (skin toning, skin smoothing, shine removal, eye widening, and face slimming). I’m personally not a fan of face beauty editing, but it’s really fun to play with these beauty features when I’m with my friends. Making eyes look bigger and face looks slimmer is really fun to laugh about! Lol.

My favourite features of Sony Kawaii Camera are the wide angle and rotatable lens! The 21mm*1 wide-angle makes it MUCH easier to take flatlay pictures. So no more standing on the chair to get that perfect top-angle-instagram-pictures. Because by only standing up normally, the wide angle captures the flatlays effortlessly, just look at some of my pictures here. The rotatable lens is also a goodie because I can go self appreciating to nature appreciating in just a second hahaha. Love it!

The details of pictures taken by this camera needs to be talked about. I love how it captures the smallest details because it’s a friggin 19.2 mega-pixel-perfume-like digital camera. If you notice, the design looks like a perfume, so chic! Then transferring to my smartphone is an easy thing to do with the NFC and wi-fi features. The camera comes in a box with a ring stand, small charger, and manual books. The ring stand functions as a mini tripod for taking (selfies) pictures of me and my #squad. lol.

I had a few problems transferring the pictures to my phone through the wifi, sometimes it I gotta try to connect to it for a few times. But that's not really a problem because I can always transfer the pictures by using a card reader to devices. Make sure to always have a plenty of room in the memory card, because sometimes the camera works slow when the memory card is full.

I actually got the white one, embellished with a custom Swarovski crystals formed as DPS (my initials), that looks very classic. Sony is being verrrryyyy kind to do the Swarovski custom thing on my camera. But something didn’t work very well on the white camera so I had to switch it with a replacement, the green one. I love it as much as the white one, they actually have other colours like peach and purple. 

If you’re thinking to buy one, they’re selling this handy camera for around Rp 7 mio at Sony Center Taman Anggrek Mall (Jakarta) and Sony Center Tunjungan Plaza 4 (Surabaya). I’ll make another post to show the pictures taken with this perfume like Sony Kawaii Camera!

Sep 29, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

I apologize to everyone whom emails I haven't replied. Some have their emails replied with no follow-up reply from me, some might have no reply at all their emails. I admit it that I'm really bad in handling my personal email. It's really tough to juggle between office works and my personal works. I read most of the emails, but I didn't reply all of them. Sometimes I read the email and got distracted on something and I forgot because it's already at the bottom of my inbox and piled up with other new emails. 

To whom it may concern, I'm really sorry if I haven't reply your email yet. I will try my best to be better in organizing my personal inbox.

I'm soooo soooorrryyyyyy! :(