Jun 29, 2016

Many Moons Ago (Collaboration With Stupkid)

Finally my collaboration with Stupkid is heeeerrreeeee! I've been working with Stupkid for the collaboration since the end of last year. We discussed on how we want the collection to be like. After a few brain storming session through chat app, we came up with this idea of covering a cycle of social trend or life phases. Started from the dinosaur era, hippie, pin-up ladies, 90's kid, retro, current trend represented by the pizzas and wifi, and the last is futuristic. It's a fun collaboration because everything turned out to be so playful and bold. The collection is available at Stupkid's website, People's Project (Kuningan City, Jakarta), Superspace (Singapore), and Megafash (Singapore). Scroll down to see the illustrations I created for this Many Moons Ago collection and the lookbook pictures!

Jun 27, 2016

Watercolor Workshop At Hype (Photo Diary)

A few pictures from my watercolor workshop at Hype Festival a couple of months ago. I shared the basic of watercolor painting and mostly encouraging the participants to start painting without drawing the outlines first. So happy with the results that the participants created in the workshop, pretty floral wreaths! 

Jun 25, 2016

Little Cafe Called Nolita

So I found this little place, that's not really far from where I live, called Nolita. It's a cafe that serves coffee and (mostly) breakfast meals. This cafe stands up in my list because the place is nice and serves delicious meals. The ambiance is so bright, I like to sit at the front, right beside the entrance. They have a list full of delicious comfort foods. They actually positioned themselves as 'coffee and comfort food', which I think is brilliant. As far as I remember, there's no other cafe who specialises in comfort food like Nolita did. I've tried their waffles and chicken something, which was exquisite. I personally think that sweets and savoury don't really match together, but apparently they did. The waffles have this fine crispiness on the outside and was very fluffy when I took a bite. The sweetness came from the maple syrup which I found was perfect, just at the right amount of sweets. And the chicken, can we have a special moment for the crispy chicken, please? They described the chicken as buttermilk chicken and it tasted sooooooooo good. It was savoury, and crispy, and you can really taste the spices got through in the chicken like they did a really good job in seasoning the drum sticks. I usually hate drum sticks because I think they taste not as good as other parts of chicken. So when I say I ate two drum sticks and I liked it, means that I r e a l l y like it. I've also tried the cherry crumble aaaand it was perfect. Actually I've tried the cherry crumble like a few years ago when they were served at this small cafe called Frangipani. I still remember that the cherry crumble is really good until yesterday I reunited with the sweet taste of that dessert. Price wise, they're slightly above other cafe but sure is serving better qualities of meals that are delicious. Love!

Jun 23, 2016

Kids Illustrations

For this holy month of Ramadan, me and my high school friends are back with our yearly charity event. It's always been our tradition since high school (like 10 years) to gather up and have break fasting together. But for the past 2-3 years, we merged the event with a charity for the orphanage kids. We do donations and take them to fun trips. This year, we will take them to Kidzania! Yay! And as like always, I'm in charge to be the one to create 'the look' of the whole event, in terms of the design and layout. Since I'm sort of a perfectionist, so I wanted to have a different look for each year even though my friends said that a recycle layout is fine. I created three icons, which are the representation of the kids. This is just a simple and quick digital illustrations, but I feel like sharing this to you guys. Also, if you want to be a part of our charity, please refer to this page.

Jun 21, 2016

An Afternoon At Living With LOF

Today I went to the soft launch of my friend's florist shop. It's actually not only a florist shop, but also a mini gallery of all things cute and crafty (I'm talking about mt tapes, pretty ceramics, and handmade home deco). Soon, the space will also be functioning as a co-working space. Kitty has this very crafty personality that translated really well to her new space called Living With LOF (Lots Of Flowers). The space itself is so bright and pretty with all the white walls and marble floors. I went there and had a quick crafty session with Kitty. I got to decorate my own baby cactus pot (which Kitty allowed me to choose in her collection), arrange a bouquet of flowers and created a pin using mt tapes and dried flowers!