Jul 28, 2014

Eid Mubarak!

Just came home from visiting my families and relatives in Pondok Gede, gossshhh Jakarta is still the same: TRAFFIC JAM, OH MY. Thank God I got a jar full of chocolate cookies from my aunt, or else I'll be munching on the car seats because the traffic in the high way is just insane. On top of that, Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrates! Apologising is muuuuch easier than forgiving. By forgiving someone, it doesn't mean you lose, it means that you're giving yourself a peaceful life :)

Mom cooked everything on the picture above ^.^

Curious golden top / Unbranded trousers from ITC Kuningan / Forever 21 pointed heels / H&M bag

Today's Favorite Pins

Normcore by Cocorrina.com

Monochrome dairy from here

Artwork by Hoonju Ko

Golden braids from here

This beautiful menu from here

Jul 27, 2014

Creative Block

So I'm currently doing an illustration project. It's quite big, a collaboration with a friend, who is one of the well known fashion icons in the blogosphere (I can see question marks popping up from your head). I can't tell you much, but the thing is I gotta make a lot of illustrations. The deadline should be by the end of July, which is now. But if you ask me how's the progress so far, its 70%. I'm stressed out. Why? Because now I'm in a creative block. I've been having this creative block since 3 weeks ago. Gosh, I'm so stressed out. I'm desperate to finish the illustrations the soonest as possible, but I can't start any of them because I'm on a creative block. I can't see my imaginations and colors in my head like I usually do. This is bad. I feel that everything I draw is far from my standard. None of them looks good, I just hate to see my creations :'(

Weekly Outfit Wrap Up

Weekly outfit wrap up! I've been away from the blog for quite a while.. I usually have a new post in every 1-2 days, but I left this blog for no updates in 10 days hehe. I feel bad, because I have a lot of things to share! 

Unbranded dress and legging / Asymmetric cardigan - Cotton On / Juju black babe jellies

Black parka - Fashionistas / Blue polka dot top - Curious / Uniqlo skinny jeans / TLTSN Platform heels

Grey top - Curious / Chunky necklace - H&M / Unbranded black flare skirt

Acid washed denim jacket - Curious / Black top - Uniqlo / Heart printed skirt - Stradivarius / Topshop tights

White lace shirt - Curious / Chunky necklace - H&M / Suede flare skirt - Curious / Topshop tights / New Look stiletto boots

DIY Wrapping Idea (Using Whatever You Can Find at Home!

Eid is coming very soon, in less than 2 days! I'm so excited for Eid and all the traditions. My family usually start the day by going to a 'big' mosque, then go back home and prepare everything for the family gathering. On the second day, we usually go to our relatives in some places. Thank God the traffic is usually much more friendly during Eid, so we can reach far places with no fuss. Speaking about traditions, one thing I love the most is the food! Rendang, sayur ketupat, opor ayam, and the mini cakes, oh they're just too scrumptious to be talked about now. When visiting the relatives, we usually bring some hampers (mostly cookies). On the upcoming Eid, I want to make the hampers more special with my DIY wrapping! :)

First, you gotta have the cookies. I got Bonchee Baked Treats oatmeal cookies and Putri Salju. The oatmeal cookies looks so yummyyyy. (I'm still doing my fasting when I write this post......). My friend is the owner of Bonchee, so I knew how she made the cookies with best ingredients and of course love and happiness! Head over this page if you want to have a bite of Bonchee.

Second, find anything you can use for the wrapping. White sheet, paper straw, markers, glue, brown paper, double tapes, scissor, tulle, anything. Collect them all together and start wrapping the cookies.

For this tall jar wrapping, I got the inspiration from Hello Sandwich wrappings, clean and cute details. That's why I grab a piece of white fabric, wired foil and paper straw. I wrapped the jar with the white fabric and tied them with the wired foil. For the ornaments, I cut the paper straw into small pieces and stick them around.


For the second wrapping idea, I'm using brown paper, a white string, and a sharpie. Draw a pattern on the brown paper using the Sharpie (or any other markers), I drew my favorite pattern of all: POLKA DOTS! Then wrap the round jar with the brown paper and tie a simple knot with the white string.



Happy Eif al-Fitr everyone, happy holiday!