Mar 26, 2015

Why I Love Kate Spade's Newsletter

Do you subscribe to newsletters? Have you ever felt like your inbox is cluttered by unimportant newsletters? Well yea I do feel that. I subscribed to some brands and e-commerce that I love, but they're turning into annoying creatures when it comes into weekly email promo, sale announcement email, etc etc etc. Unsubscribe. 

There is one brand that I subscribed to, I feel happy whenever I receive their email. Weird huh? Pretty much. But that is what happened between me and Kate Spade. There's a magic in their email hahaha. Basically I love Kate Spade. I love their brand image, colorful, fun, happy go lucky. I love how Kate Spade successfully translated their brand image to their digital channels (read: website, blog, social media).

Let's just talk about their newsletter. First, they write the email subject in lower case and sometimes partnered with double dots. You know, just like a friend sends you an email. A simple thing that is genius. No matter how often their newsletter email is, I don't feel annoyed because I don't have that stranger screaming for attention in my inbox. Take a look at my inbox screenshot below. At first I thought it was a typo, but then I realised that it is a strategy. A brilliant one.

Second, their email is always an eye candy. Short sentences, bright colors combined with pastels, eye pleasing layout, and cute animations (gif). Even though I never bought them online (because the shipping and local customs would be pretty hectic), but I often click the email that leads to their website. Their newsletter is a successful one, at least for me hahaha.

Here let me show you some of my fave images from Kate Spade's newsletter.

Mar 25, 2015

Join The Beauty Class and Special Workshop with Emina (Hosted by Me!)

In case you are wondering about the #eminaplayground hashtag I've been posting on my Instagram lately, here's the answer to your thoughts! I'm having a collaboration with a new makeup brand, Emina. It's a local makeup brand targeted to the young and fun girls (like meeee I'm so young believe me). As I love lipstick (like a lot), Emina asked me to collaborate with them for the shocking pink lip cream. How fun is that? :D

Aaaaaandd..... This Sunday I'll be having a beauty class and digital coloring hosted by meeeeee! Unfortunately 30 seats are full booked, but you can try your luck if you want to have fun with me this Sunday by sending SMS to 081281249233 with this format:


Below is the official invitation by Emina

And this one is the Dinda-Puspitasari version of the invitation itself hehehe

Sooooo excited, see you on Sunday! :)

See You at Hey Success This Saturday!

I'll be at Hey Success Indonesia Youth Forum this Saturday, starts from 2PM at fX Sudirman. 
In case you'd like to join, go to this page. See you!