Feb 23, 2015

Styling for Hunt Street

Last week I helped my friend, Sabrina, to do the styling and take pictures for the Instagram account of Hunt Street. Do you know how it feels like to do a happy-go-lucky thing like take flatlay pictures and post it to Instagram, and suddenly a friend asks you to do it seriously for them? Of course I said yessss! It took a day to finish everything. Pretty tiring but full of fun. The best thing is..... the picture I took and posted on @hunt_street was regrammed by Maison Valentino!! So before the photo shoot, my goal was to be regrammed by Maison Valentino, because I know that Valentino is one of the most active luxury brands on Instagram. It was a Valentine's day, so the chance to be regrammed is pretty big. So we did the styling for the white rockstud heels. It's a special one because it was only available in New York, as a part of their New York Capsule Collection to celebrate the opening of Valentino's newest store on 5th Avenue. And of course, the white rockstud is available at Hunt Street!

Feb 22, 2015

#88LOVELIFE on Indonesia Morning Show (NET TV)

Sooooo happy to share stories about the pink book #88LOVELIFE with my cupcake partner on Indonesia Morning Show, NET TV. It was super early in the morning, thank God my house is just 4 minutes away from the studio (in a normal weekday morning it takes at least an hour due to the magnificent traffic). In case you missed it, here's the video. Yaaayyy! Thank you NET TV for having us! :)

Feb 21, 2015

Dreaming of Winter Holiday in Japan (FREE Trip Alert!)

Lately my Instagram feed is full of pictures of Japan. Some friends are currently in Tokyo for a winter holiday. Did you see Claradevi’s pictures on Instagram? Gosh.. The white landscape is so beautiful! I really miss Japan, I wanna go back there. I thought that having a holiday in winter is a wrong decision, but seems like it is actually a good idea. Living in a tropical country makes me want to feel the experience of winter. Just look at the pretty white snow and clear blue sky!



Ski at Gala Yuzawa

See..... Aren't those are so pretty? You can actually try your luck to win a free trip to Japan from Tokyo Rail Days. It's very easy, you just have to write your ideal Japanese winter vacation on your blog. Nothing beats the joy of living your dream in Tokyo, in winter? Now you decide. Below is the information about the blog competition, you can also see Tokyo Rail Days page for more details. Best of luck, I'm waiting for your winter holiday pictures! :)

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Have You Seen This Honey On Tap?

I think this is amazing and brilliant.

Feb 20, 2015

Video To Watch This Weekend

Do you know Zoe Suen? She's a young fashion blogger from Hong Kong. I'm not an loyal reader of her blog, but I always love her style and her photographs. Everything looks fine, cool and effortless. Not only photographs, she's also good in making videos. Take a look at her video below, total awesomeness.

Also loving the music in the video, SALE. You gotta check their songs here.