Jul 22, 2015


I marked yesterday as one of the happiest days in my life - I just got a new macbook pro! I'm soooo happy that I became emotional and a bit teary.. I've been wanting for a new macbook pro for myself since like, what, 7 years ago? But as you all know, Apple stuff is expensive. So when I was in college, instead of getting a macbook, I was given an Acer by my Mom. Then in my early stage as an employee, when I finally made my own money, I bought a refurbished macbook white. She is the last macbook white ever produced, the unibody. She worked really well with me, I did amazing projects with her, a lot of them, until I realised that she started to be verrrryyyy sloooowww. As the operating system couldn't be updated any longer due to technical limitability, adding some extra RAM couldn't help her a lot, so I was frustrated whenever I'm working with my beautiful macbook white. Opening a Photoshop could take minutes, resizing an illustration takes like forever, working with her became a painful experience. So I told myself that I gotta get a new macbook. It's expensive, but I need it and it's an investment, because a macbook will last (at least) a decade. After a few months of holding up my shopping appetite and saved my coins, there I went to Apple store with my boyfriend to get a new macbook. I know it's a bit norak but it feels so good to say "Mbak, I want this. (pointing at the macbook)" to the shop assistant. It feels sooooo good to say it. It feels so good to splurge on something that you've been wanting for so long, with your own money that you made with your sweat and hard work. Yay for me, I'm so so sooooo happy, Alhamdulillah! Excited to make amazing projects with her! :)

Image via On Minimalism

Jul 21, 2015

Surabaya: Colourful Walls and Yummy Foods!

A few pictures from my last trip to Surabaya with Diana for #88LoveLife book signing. 
I had so much fun in the city! 

Reasons why I love Surabaya:

It's a big city just like Jakarta, but somehow still a laid back side where you can enjoy the society and the surroundings. So the city feels so much like Jakarta 5 years ago when everything is much loveable. 

Heaven for foodie. Everything is soooo yummy!! It's a true heaven for you who love savoury and spicy food. I tried pecel Bu Kus - a big portion of rice served with steamed veggies and nut sauce on top and a big nutty crackers on the side (which we call rempeyek). I don't eat veggies regularly so I was a bit hesitant at first. But the nut sauce was the bomb. I LOVE BU KUS. LOL. Then I tried ayam penyet Bu Kris, which is actually available in Jakarta but I still haven't tried it until my Surabaya visit. I believe the sambal was made in heaven, it was sooooo good. Make sure you order the fried meatballs too. They're a perfect couple!!

The street is not concrete grey like Jakarta. The government somehow keeps the street arts visible in the main streets, which make the city alive and very unique! Diana and I are having the same interest toward street art. We took some pictures in front of the street art near to our hotel. Couldn't help it!

I'm a true hunter for colourful doors and walls at heart. Surabaya is full of colour, I easily spot colourful spaces on the street. Love it! If I don't live in Jakarta, I'm sure Surabaya will be my home town. I love the city, excited to go there more often!

Posed as greeny grass with my #88LoveLife other half

The most authentic soto ambengan Pak Sadi, he stares at you even on the plate. Lol.

Pecel Bu Kus, OMG. The portion is huge but I successfully ate them all. 
Too yummy oh gosh now I need one.

Juanda airport terminal 2.. Much cooler than CGK! Hahaha

Colourful walls and doors make me so happy 

Snap some pictures around the hotel. One of the reasons why I love Surabaya, full of street art!

Flew back home with my favourite flight :)

Jul 19, 2015

Play to Share

Play to Share, the charity event founded by my high school friends was a success one, Alhamdulillah. A quick behind the scene story.. So me and my friends (we are SMA 28 Jakarta graduates) usually hold a charity event during Ramadhan. It's not an annual event, but we did it almost every year. Previously we went to the orphanage to give some donations only. The next year we went to a different orphanage and made a mini library for the kids. The books were donated from our friends and relatives. This year, the idea was to go and have fun with the kids in museums. The idea popped up through whatsapp chats in the group around 2 weeks before the day. Then after some brainstorming and discussions, we decided to open the event for public - which means there were volunteer opportunities for those who'd like to be the chaperones. I'm so happy that we had an amazing amount of donation in just four days. The calculation was still escalating until a day before the event. Not only going to museums, but we also gave the kids new bags and a set of Al-Quran, which we hope could be useful for them. The rest of the donation was given to the orphanage for their needs. I call it a success because not only that we gathered friends and relatives to donate as in materially sharing, but also the kids were so happy throughout the day! Even though it was soooo soooo sooooo hot (and the kids were fasting as well), but we can see their big smiles. Especially when we were at the science and technology museum! A few snaps I managed to take during the trip to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

I'm so proud of my friends, we did it! Thank you to everyone who have donated and even joined as chaperone during the museum visits. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by people who are very positive and kind hearted :)

Jul 10, 2015


Currently feeling uninspired and constantly wake up - work - go to sleep. Feels like I’m in a phase where I’m just being careless of what I want in the near future. Maybe this is the result of being over busy with projects and my body just don’t want to do something yet. I have a lot of plans for this year, but I haven’t start any of them yet because I simply don’t feel like doing it yet. I don’t know whether this is good or not, but I know that I gotta start real soon before 2015 ends.

I miss my blog, a looootttt…. But I just don’t have the mood to write. Help help help!

Oh well, a few things I did recently is that I’m back at the gym. This year I’ve had several kinds of workout like evening run, muay thai and bodytec. But since I had my ankle sprained 3 months ago, I stopped all kinds of work out I was doing. Because my ankle couldn’t bare any kind of pressure or movements. I had it swollen for times by just walking or running a bit when crossing the street. I stored my heels in the closet because I couldn’t wear it yet until my ankle is fully recovered. Now, after more than 3 months since I got my ankle twisted, it’s still swelling when I finish work out at the gym. But I can handle it, the massage cream can fix it. I gotta work out because all those passiveness I had a few months ago has given me extra fat to my body and I definitely don’t like it. It’s so weird that I rarely eat rice (major carb source) and eat more veggies, fruits and oats but I still gained weight. Well, it’s not that being fat is not pretty, it’s simply because my clothes are now too fitted and some others are just don’t fit anymore. I start to wear baggy clothes to cover here and there. I’m back at the gym because I want to wear my old clothes! *finger crossing* I gotta achieve my target in 3 months, I’ve hired a personal trainer - I’m being very serious this time. 

Aside from my work out plan, I realise that I’ve became so emotional when I’m driving and that’s not good. I started driving on February and soon I realised that this city’s infrastructure is a mess and there are a plenty of people who are not a smart driver out there. I can’t understand why some cars are tend change lines without giving turn signal. I can’t understand why some cars couldn’t patiently queue on a line and instead they are trying to get in the queue by rudely pushing from the sides. I can’t understand why some motorcycles don’t even look to left and right before they make a turn. I can’t understand why some motorcycles don’t even see the traffic light, they just go as if it’s green all the time. And the list is still counting… Part of safe driving is letting the other drivers around you predict what you will do. Using your turn signals is not difficult, it’s a way to communicate with the cars around you, it’s for your own safety. I used to yell and swear in my car. My anger explodes easily when driving. It didn’t happen when I go everywhere by bus or taxi, like I always do before I got my own car. I shortly realise that my car could be a pool of negativity if I don’t stop yelling and keep on following my anger when driving. Now I’m still learning on how to let those drivers who are monsters to just go before me. I’m adjusting to be not too emotional when driving. I hope this goes well. Lol.

I’m currently seeking for a holiday. I’m thinking about solo traveling to Tokyo or visiting my cousin (who just got her permanent resident card, #omgwhat!) in Stockholm. I’ve been to Tokyo twice, but I didn’t explore it as much as I wanted to. If you’ve been to Japan, you must have the feeling of missing the country too much that it hurts. But traveling to Stockholm is also a very interesting idea. As Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I haven’t been there before, Stockholm looks very appealing to me. What do you think? Tokyo or Stockholm?